NEPTACON 2014- Narrative Report




Nepal Physiotherapy Association(NEPTA) is a non-government and non-profit making organization recognized by the Government of Nepal and registered as a national umbrella organization of professional physiotherapist alike to the Nepal medical Association, Nepal Bar Association and other professional organization, under National Direction Act 2018 BS. NEPTA is an active member of the World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCPT) and Asia Western Pacific (AWP) Region of WCPT. NEPTA was established in 2000 with the vision of moving physiotherapy forward as a well established and deserving profession recognized by various sectors including Ministry of health and Population, Government of Nepal and various non-governmental organizations for its significant role in improving health and wellbeing. There are more than 800 physiotherapists in Nepal and NEPTA is a national voice of physiotherapists of Nepal with its mission to:

  • Unite the physiotherapy profession within the country
  • Represent physiotherapy in Nepal nationally and internationally
  • Promote high standards of physiotherapy practice, education and research
  • Facilitate communication and information exchange among branches(subgroups) of NEPTA and their members
  • Advocate  for the integration of physiotherapy services in health system
  • Collaborate with national and international organizations  for the improvement of health care system.


NEPTA organized its 7th conference from 18th to 23rd November, 2014, as NEPTACON-2014  with speakers from 7 countries and national and international participants.In 6 days,5 different events with different workshops offered discussion and hands-on course on various recent advances and highly skillful techniques to the participants, which is expected to enhance the skills, clinical reasoning and promote evidence based practice in Nepal.

NEPTACON (Nepal Physiotherapy Association Conference)is educational and social event that happens once every two years that offer physiotherapists and physiotherapy students to upgrade their knowledge and keep track of the recent advances in various domains of physiotherapy practice. Scientific paper presentation offered the physiotherapist a wonderful chance to present their research, case reports at the conference to exchange ideas/ knowledge among the therapists. Similarly various other health professionals had opportunity to realize that physiotherapy as an evidenced based treatment approach and an important component of comprehensive health care.


Main NEPTA conference was on 21st and 22nd Nov 2014. Officials from different Government ministries, health professional council, Nepal medical council, Nepal medical association, hospital administrators, policy makers and journalist were invited. First day conference was inaugurated by Dr. Rajendra Koju, Associate Dean, Kathmandu University School of Medical Sciences and second day conference was inaugurated by Ranju Jha Thakur, President, Women, children, Senior Citizen and social welfare commission.


In formal session all the key speakers highlighted about the importance of physiotherapy profession; which is expected to support NEPTA at course of advocacy with national and international actors of the development sector. Likewise ministry representatives has promised to support and enhance entire physiotherapy profession in Nepal and appreciated the role of NEPTA.


At the end of the formal session, founder member of NEPTA was honored with Khadas and felicitation certificate. In scientific session, there was participation of multi sectorial national/international professional. Exchange of information in the form of presentations, research papers and discussions served the good learning exposure for all participants which will be definitely enhancing the quality of physiotherapy services in Nepal. It promoted the exchange between international physiotherapist community and partner with international experts for continuous professional development of Nepalese Physiotherapists. It also helped to increase members of NEPTA in national level which will help NEPTA to become more strong and influencing. Last but not the least, a new and competent executive committee  for  2014 – 2016 was formed through the participatory election process which will lead the profession towards higher national recognition.


Way forward

NEPTA would utilize achievements of NEPTACON for the recognition of rehabilitation sector in Nepal and also in promoting the continuous professional development among Nepalese PT in a cost effective and feasible way. Definitely, continuous follow up with the ministries, extending the functional linkages with more Nepalese PTs and partnership with other development actors would be the prime action points of NEPTA in coming days.


NEPTACON (Nepal Physiotherapy Association Conference) was conducted successfully from 18th Nov to 23rd Nov 2014. There was good participation (around 300) of physiotherapist and physiotherapy students from inside and outside the country. It was a great event in the history of physiotherapy profession in Nepal. It advocated for entire physiotherapy profession and its development in Nepal. Workshops and scientific sessions in the conference provided a wonderful opportunity for the Nepali physiotherapists and physiotherapy students to keep up to date with the recent physiotherapy practice. It has played a vital role to unite the entire Nepali physiotherapist. Very importantly, the conference has also opened the wider avenue for the advocacy on the recognition of physiotherapy profession in Nepal. NEPTA is confident that new and competent executive committee would lead the profession towards higher national recognition. Similarly, NEPTA also plans on further enhancing the functional connection (bottom up approach) with more Nepalese PTs based at various districts. NEPTA sincerely likes to extend gratitude to all physiotherapists (International and National), previous executives, Kathmandu University School of Medical Sciences, ASPN, USAID, Handicap International,  B.&B. INC., Thera-Band  and physiotherapy students for the partnership and support to make the conference grand success. NEPTA looks forward to have similar partnership in days to come.

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