NEPTA Activities 2014-16

S.N. Activities 2014 – 16 Date Remarks
1. Meeting with the personal Secretary of the Honorable Health Minister Mr. Gagan Thapa to discuss about the situation analysis of Physiotherapy which will be conveyed to the Hon.Minister before  the  formal meeting. October 29, 2016 This meeting will definitely help lobby physiotherapy needs at the higher authority and all levels at the Government sectors| .
2. Supply of  Services Agreement

Physiopedia Plus

And Nepal Physiotherapy Association

4 October 2016


Signed by Rachael Lowe, CEO, Physiopedia Plus and Nishchal Shakya,President, NEPTA
3. MOU between Nepal Physiotherapy Association and Annapurna Rehabilitation Center (ARC) for supporting earthquake victims


From 1st Shrawan 2072 B.S(MOU for the period of 3 months) Signed by Nishchal Shakya, President NEPTA and Manju Gyawali, ARC
4. Meeting and lobbying with government officials at Ministry of Health and National Planning Commission.

A breakthrough on the physiotherapy sector.Nepal government announces the vacancy for the 9th grade physiotherapist which is the highest level post announced so far in history.


At different dates and occasions Thanks to continuous support of stakeholders for supporting NEPTA on its advocacy work.


5. NEPTA celebrated the world physiotherapy day.

Program :PHYSIO rally from Maitighar Mandala to New Baneshwor circle .

8 September 2016 Closing Program:8:30 am at Katilas Ortho Neuro Physiotherapy centre
Supporting Partner : Physio Fit
6. Department of Physiotherapy,Scheer Memorial Hospital in collaboration with NEPTA celebrated World Physiotherapy Day. 8 September 2016 Hosted by Department of Physiotherapy,  Scheer Memorial Hospital
7. NEPTA Chapter-Kaski also celebrated World Physical Therapy day 8 September 2016 Posters presentation, Pamphlet distribution and Free physiotherapy camp at Pokhara
8. NEPTA Chitwan Chapter was formed

(President- Subarna Shrestha, Secretary – Bishal Regmi, Treasurer – Sudip Paudel)

September 8, 2016 Members-Sanjay Shah,Jaya Sharma,Sunil Yadav, Ravi Gupta

Advisor – Rishikesh Sah

9. Terai hospital, Simara in joint venture with NEPTA organized physiotherapy awareness camp 14th August 2016 Lead by Shamed Katila, executive for NEPTA
10. Information exchange session with physiotherapists around Biratnagar , Jhapa and Illam 3rd august 2016 Lead by Jay Narayan Yadav.

The session was focused on sharing the national level updates, NEPTACON16 , collecting feedbacks and expanding NEPTA at Eastern region, Nepal

11. Nepal Physiotherapy Association and its Kaski chapter hold a formal meeting at Pokhara. 24/ 25  July 2016 Represented by general secretary,NEPTA and Kaski chapter by the executive team and member Physiotherapists,Kaski,Pokhara
12. Promotional Video of NEPTACON 2016 Prepared and Released July 23,2016 Prepared by NEPTA to disseminate the information
13. Officially opened a NEPTA twitter account with a handle @NeptaNepal


July 13,2016
14. Memorandum of Understanding (MOU): Nepal Physiotherapy Association (NEPTA) and Circus Kathmandu intend to work in collaboration and seals a partnership between  two organisations. July 1, 2016 Nishchal Shakya(NEPTA) and Subash Gautam(Partnerships and Program Manager)for Circus Kathmandu



15. NEPTA Meeting with Nepal Health Professional Council(NHPC)

Title Protection file submitted to NHPC

June 27, 2016 Discussion on to stop Quack practice and CPT college openings, Licensing Exams, Registration Procedures, Code of Ethics and Distance Learning Issues and Problems
16. International Organization for Migration(IOM), with support from AmeriCares, Australian Aid and Nepal Physiotherapy Association prepared awareness raising videos for the public  service announcement (PSA) series on “Injury Rehabilitation and Accessibility” June 3, 2016 Documentary for Public Service Announcement available in Youtube

PSA – Part 6,7,10 exclusively for Physiotherapy


17. Participation on “Togetherness for strengthening Comprehensive Physical Rehabilitation Service in Nepal.

Exposure Visit: Army Rehabilitation Center, Kathmandu

25th May, 2016 Venue: Hotel Manang, Kathmandu

Organized by POS, Nepal with the support of International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and Handicap International (HI).


18. “Chest Rehabilitation” workshop in collaboration with JIMTEF and SOLID Nepal. April 30,2016 Venue: TB Training Center, Thimi, Bhaktapur.

Program Co-ordinated by Sumana and Nishchal, NEPTA

19. Lessons Learnt Conference: Health Sector Response to Nepal Earthquake 2015 organised by WHO and MOH,GoN


21-22 April,2016 NEPTA emphasized the Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation sector to be prioritised at the planning and policy level and importance during Disaster preparedness and Response and the Human Resource issue and the recruitments for physiotherapists at the Government level.
20. Mulligan Concept Workshop: Upper and Lower Quadrant conducted by Dr. Jack Miller,Timothy W. Mann- Accredited Mulligan Concept Teachers |Total participants: 107| March 19-21, 2016 Hosted by Dhulikhel Hospital, Dhulikhel

Orgnasing Secretary: Nishchal Shakya for KUSMS

Workshop in NepalVenue: Auditorium Hall,Kathmandu University School of Medical Sciences,Dhulikhel Hospital

21. Nepal Physiotherapy Association and Rotary Club Patan organized free physiotherapy camp near to Patan Durbar Square. March 26, 2016 Hosted by Rotary Club Patan; Represented by Sumana Baidya for NEPTA
22. ADAPT/ GHD/ NEPTA  Skype Meetings for WCPT Focused Symposia Application February 27, 2016 Accepted for the WCPT Symposium at Capetown, South Africa 2017

Representation by : Sunil Pokhrel for NEPTA.

23. Meeting among professional association of NEPTA, POS Nepal and ANOT


December 2 2015 Funded by USAID and hosted by Handicap International

Participation by all NEPTA executives

24. World Physical Therapy Day 2015 celebration at Scheer Memorial Hospital Banepa in collaboration with NEPTA. Fun run was organized in Banepa. September 8, 2015 Lead by Dinesh Chataut, Physiotherapist, Scheer Memorial Hospital.
25. World Physiotherapy Day celebration with the theme of “Healing the echoes of trauma” organized by NEPTA September 8, 2015 Hosted by KIST hospital.

Lead by Manju Gyawali for NEPTA.

26. NEPTA physiotherapy awareness step-On the occasion of World Physiotherapy Day 2015, the national television NTV plus broadcasted the documentary “Understanding Physiotherapy”

(फिजियोथेरापी-  जान्नैपर्नेकुरा)

August 29, 2015 This is re-telecast for the second time in the occasion of World Physiotherapy Day every year.

Documentary originally prepared by Department of Physiotherapy, KUSMS

27. NEPTA’s Participation on,” Interaction on Initiation of Ethical Practice for Prosthetic & Orthotic (P&O) services” August 14,2015 Represented by Nishchal Shakya
28. NEPTA Meeting with Nepal Health Professional Council(NHPC),team of Dept. of Physiotherapy,KUSMS & a representative from Handicap International,Nepal and Dr. Gillian Web August 1,2015 NEPTA presented on Problems and Needs of Physiotherapy in Nepal and Code of Ethics-Review| Discussions and policy making for Licensure Exams and Accreditation| Thanks to NHPC for accepting the agendas and inviting to work together on prioritised agendas of NEPTA


29. Camp for the Earthquake victims from Langtang at Yellow Gumba June 3, 2015 In collaboration with “Nyanopan doctors and nurses from Nepal and USA” with Captain Vijay Lama-the facilitator
30. Formation of Rehabilitation sub cluster under the ministry of health and population Nepal, with WHO, NEPTA, Handicap International and UK-EMT May 23, 2015 To promote the one door system to support for emergency rehabilitation services.

Represented by Sunil Pokhrel and Nishchal Shakya

31. Rehabilitation Sub-cluster Meetings

(12/15May, 5 June,31 July,18 August,2015

Various days Participated by Sunil Pokhrel and Nishchal Shakya
32. Meeting with MOHP, UK-EMT,HI- Health Cluster and Rehabilitation Sub cluster meeting May 11, 2015 Participated by Sunil Pokhrel and Nishchal Shakya
33. Meeting with MOH, Leprosy Control Division,UK-EMT and Visit to Kathmandu Model Hospital, Trauma Hospital, Patan Hospital May 10,2015 Participated by Nishchal Shakya
34. Visit to Teaching Hospital(IOM) and Trauma Center for the observation of Physiotherapy Management of Earthquake Victims May 6, 2015 NEPTA team
35. AWP General Meeting and WCPT conference, Singapore April 31- May 4, 2015 Represented by Nischal Shakya for NEPTA

WCPT congress-Welcome Reception, Secretary General Brenda Myers appealed for help to everyone to support Nepal Earthquake Victims| There are 4 participants from Nepal.Thanks to AWP and WCPT for all the support

36. Participation at National Workshop on Health and Disability, organized by MOHP in collaboration with WHO, HI and Netherland Leprosy Relief 23-24 March, 2015 Presentation by Nishchal Shakya: “Human Resources for Health: Rehabilitation Professionals in Nepal”

Venue: Hotel Radission

37. Free Physiotherapy camp at Sunakothi in collaboration with Champapur Jayces March 21st 2015 Represented by Sumana Baidya and physiotherapy students of KUSMS
38. Conducted KINESIO Taping workshop March 14, 2015 Resource Person: Dr Ryoichi Hatanaka, Matauyama University
Venue : Hit Medical, Madhyapur thimi, Bahakha Bazaar
39. Free Physiotherapy camp at Kalanki, January 31,2015 Represented by Nripendra Karn,Soni Dev, Nishchal Shakya and physiotherapy students of KUSMS
40. Meeting of  three professional associations NEPTA, Prosthetic Orthotic Society(POS) & Association of Occupational Therapist(ANOT)

Participants : Executive members of NEPTA, POS Nepal & ANOT and Key staff representative of HI Nepal



 2nd December, 2015.


Venue: Hotel Shambala

Purpose: Ways to initiate collaborations to continue the advocacy for recognition of rehabilitation professionals in the country, including the idea of formation of rehabilitation council.

41. 14th ASCoN Conference 2015: Participation by Bishwas Shrestha and NishchalShakya, NEPTA Executive December 3-5, 2015


Hosted by: Spinal Injury Rehabilitation Center

Venue: Hyatt Regency, Kathmandu, Nepal

42. NEPTA participation at a mass rally organised by National Federation of the Disabled Nepal December  3rd 2015 Represented by Sunil Pokhrel
43. The role of physiotherapists in the medical response team following a natural disaster: our experience in Nepal

(A message from Nepal Physiotherapy Association- NEPTA)

Contributing Authors : Darren Reed, Saurab Sharma, Sunil Pokhrel and Nishchal Shakya

Journal of Sports and Physical Therapy(JOSPT)

Executive Meetings –Nepal Physiotherapy Association
1. NEPTA Executive Meetings October 22/November 5,2016


NEPTACON 2016 Preparations
2. NEPTACON 2016 Scientific Committe Meeting September 19,2016 NEPTACON 2016 Preparations
3. Executive Meeting September 5,2016 World PT day 2016 preparations
4. Executive Meeting| August 20,2016 Planning for September 8,World Physiotherapy Day\ and NEPTACON 2016
5. Executive Meeting May 21,2016
6. Executive Meeting :Nomination for executive members Jay Narayan Yadav and Reagan Shakya and  General Secretary Sunil Pokhrel April 24,2016 Felicitation and organised a debriefing session about NEPTA activities to the WCPT-Asia West Pacific Chair Assoc.Prof Gillian Webb
7.  Executive Meeting : Nomination for the new council member in our team Mr. Tenzing David Sherpa April 2,2016 Announcement of 8th NEPTACON International Conference and Pre-conference decided.
8. Executive Meeting November 28,2015 Discussion on Ongoing Issues
9. Executive meeting Oct 17, 2016 Certificates and Token of Love presented by JCI champapur Jayces,General Secretary-Mr. Milan Thapa for NEPTA participation at their Conference in September 11-12,2015
10. Executive meeting August 15/September 3,2015 World Physio Day

September 8, 2015 Preparations

11. Executive Meeting- Skype calls and Phones —- Earthquake Hampered the regular meetings; Many minutes were not documented- Quorum Used to be insufficient
12. NEPTA monthly meeting March 7, 2015 Felicitation to the sub-committe members of physiotherapy at NHPC-Saurab Sharma, Zeenat Upprety and Ramesh Sada
13. NEPTA monthly meeting and acknowledgement to Kushal Ranabhat for being a member of NHPC for physiotherapy faculty. February 7, 2015 Continuous lobbying and follow up of NEPTA with Nepal Health Professional council
14. First NEPTA Executive Meeting after the New executive formation December 13/December27,2014 Road map for new term discussed; Ways to improve the association and proposal for the formation of action committees, Advisory Boards formation, Camps and other activities Planning