Narrative report on Nepal Physiotherapy Association Camp

1. Background

NEPTA has been organizing physiotherapy camps in different locations. The aims of these events are to improve the awareness of general public and to improve liaison with locally active organizations so that profile of physiotherapy is uplifted. Following the same practice, NEPTA organized the camp on 21st March 2015 in Sunakothi, Lalitpur. Though Sunakothi is within the Kathmandu Valley, it lies on the outskirts of the distirct. Hence, the target of the camp was to reach out to the populations which do not avail to physiotherapy services easily.

  1. Approaches adopted

  2.1 Partnership:

NEPTA adopted a partnership approach with local Champapur Jaycees Group , Sunakothi, Lalitpur. The local partner was responsible for managing logistics/venue and disseminating the information about the camp into their network.  The Shree Krishna Mandir in Sunakothi provided the venue for the camp.


2.2 Participation:

NEPTA requested volunteer contributions from executives, general members and students of Kathmandu University School of Medical Sciences. The names of participating physiotherapists  are:

Sumana Baidya

Laxman Adhikhari

Nripendra Karn

Subarna Thapa

Prayoush Neupane

Ganga Shakya

Sanjit Khadka

Samita Maharjan

Radhika Shresth

Mukesh Pokhrel

Lava Mulguthi

Shreejana Gautam

Dipendra Thakur

Anupam Bhattrai

Soniya Maharjan

Shree Krishna Shilpakar


NEPTA appreciates the participation of physiotherapists and their effort to make this camp a grand success. NEPTA also would like to extend its sincere gratitude to Mr.Milan Thapa, program co-ordinator from Champapur Jaycees for their wonderful coordination and support for the camp.


2.3 Service delivery:

165 people were benefitted by the camp. Out of total, 71 were male and 94 were female. Mostly the people having the age group 30-82 attended the camp for service. Common problems identified on them were back pain (55), neck pain (10), knee pain (27), wrist pathology (7), calf pain (7) and multiple joint pains (37). There were few cases of nerve related problem (13), dyspnea related problems (6) urinary incontinence (2) and post fracture stiffness (1).



2.4 Coordination /Supervision:

NEPTA executive Sumana Baidya coordinated the planning and organization of camp. At the local level, Milan Thapa, Program coordinator, Champapur Jaycees and his team owned the camp.



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