Mission & vision


Vision of NEPTA is to move physiotherapy forward as a profession so that it is recognized by various sectors including ministry of health, government and various non-governmental organizations for its significant role in improving health and well being.


NEPTA is the national voice of physiotherapists of Nepal which has a
mission to:

1. unite the physiotherapy profession within the country
2. represent physiotherapy in Nepal internationally
3. promote high standards of physiotherapy practice, education and research
4. facilitate communication and information exchange among branches (subgroups) of NEPTA and their members
5. collaborate with national and international organizations and
6. contribute to the improvement of health.


1. To uplift physiotherapy profession in Nepal
2. To create awareness of physiotherapy to the consumer, government and policy makers.
3. To set and ensure the ethical professional practices and high professional standards of independent practice of physiotherapy
4. To preach lifelong learning to all physiotherapists in Nepal
5. To publish newsletter and update members and others with regular activities of NEPTA and also inform you about latest treatment approach.
6. To update all regarding news, events and activities of NEPTA.
7. To link the physiotherapists from all over Nepal for sharing of ideas and knowledge.
8. To collaborate with National and International organizations.
9. To encourage all for evidence based approach in the field of physiotherapy, start and encourage Scientific research in Physiotherapy in Nepal
10. To watch and advise Government / Organizations and NGOs on policy matters affecting the development and practice of Physiotherapy.
11. To advise and assist Government, Organization and NGO’s on policy matters affecting the development and practice of physiotherapy.
12. To create awareness to government regarding job opportunities, scholarship like other fields and discourage and stop malpractice and quack practice of physiotherapy in Nepal.
13. To work in all possible ways to achieve the aims and objectiveof NEPTA.