• World Health Organization in collaboration with HI, CBM, ICRC and international professional associations(PT , OT , P&O and Rehab doctors ) has just released the guideline on , “MINIMUM TECHNICAL STANDARDS AND RECOMMENDATIONS FOR REHABILITATION” for emergency  medical team. This document, a first of its kind, clearly sets out the standards for rehabilitation and provides guidance on building or strengthening the capacity of emergency medical team  on responding the rehabilitation need after disaster.

    United Nation Development Program has ranked Nepal as 11 th most vulnerable country in world for earthquake.

    In disaster like earthquake , there is a great role of PTs in response and recovery of the injured survivors. Hence, it is important to all of us to know about the evidence based approach of ensuring the rehabilitation services during disasters. Kindly circulate it to the physiotherapy students in your circle which might be very helpful to them.

    Kindly access the document from here , MINIMUM TECHNICAL STANDARDS (1)

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