Meeting Among Professional Association of Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist, Prosthetist & Orthotist

The three professional associations (NEPTA, POS Nepal & ANOT) have had discussions in last year to identify ways to initiate collaborations among them to continue the advocacy for recognition of rehabilitation professionals in the country, including the idea of formation of rehabilitation council. Another possible collaboration discussed was the possibility of having joint events like conference, seminars and CRE programs.

In order to have a follow up on the previous discussion , this year also a wider meeting was conducted among the executives of these associations on how to derive the way forwards on the previous discussions and newly raised after this meeting.

The joint partnership ideas on the areas like continuing professional development, recognition , human resource development and sustainability of rehabilitation services  were generated after this meeting. A report on this event is being drafted that shall be soon uploaded in this website.

Thanks to Handicap International Nepal support through the funding of USAID project,”Strengthening the rehabilitation in district environment”

NEPTA consider the outcome of this meeting as very important milestone that would help to strongly advocate the need of quality assurance of present services and incorporating the  health related- rehabilitation in national health system.






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