• A group of 19 organisations including WCPT, WFOT , ISPO, Handicap International and other like minded organizations have come together to develop a statement expressing concerns that rehabilitation services and access to health services for people with disabilities are often missing from the Universal health coverage(UHC) agenda. UHC is vital to achieve a healthy population in the 21st Century. It seeks to foster equitable and sustainable access to health services; addresses emerging and longstanding challenges in health; ensures people don’t suffer financial hardship when seeking healthcare; and supports economic and development progress.

    We encourage our network to share this message amongst colleagues, on social media (with the hashtag #rehabilitateuhc) .

    Kindly access the detail information of UHC from here,  Rehabilitation statement UHC Day 2015

    The list of suggested post /tweets are,

    • #Rehabilitation & #assistivehealthtechnologies must be part of #UHC to achieve #healthforall
    • #UHC indicators must include rehabilitation services #rehabilitateuhc #healthforall
      As the world lives longer, health needs change #rehabilitateuhc
    • #NCDs, ageing, conflict and road crashes all cause a growing demand for #rehabilitation as part of #healthforall
    • 18 leading actors have called for #healthforall to include rehabilitation #rehabilitateuhc

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