International society of Wheelchair Professional Basic Test

The University of Pittsburgh’s Department of Rehabilitation Science and Technology has been awarded a grant from the US Agency for International Development (USAID) to develop the International Society of Wheelchair Professionals (ISWP). ISWP will be built around a federation of regional and international Affiliate Members and Partners which will help ensure ISWP activities are culturally relevant, timely, and focused on the most important wheelchair-related issues.

ISWP will initially be led by a group of wheelchair experts at University of Pittsburgh, with strategic partnerships that have already been established with USAID & The World Health Organization (WHO).  ISWP’s mission will be that wheelchair users are provided the best technology with the best service worldwide.  This will be accomplished by promoting the WHO Guidelines on the provision of manual wheelchairs in less resourced settings, promoting training and research activities and improving wheelchair design, manufacturing and coordinating services.  To that end, ISWP Affiliates will be representative of all of the stakeholders with the addition of research institutions dedicated to improving wheelchair services through evidence-based practice.

ISWP has already developed an online basic level test on wheelchair services. The test consist of 10 pretest and 99 posttest questions related to the practical and managerial aspect of the wheelchair service. Upon completion of the test, you will be awarded a certificate of completion signed by director of ISWP.  Questions are really practical based. I am sure you all will find it interesting. Important to note that , this certificate of completion can open a future opportunity to get selected for the upcoming national and international training in Wheelchair service provision.

Here mentioned is the , on which you have to register your personal details , upon its completion you shall receive an email  on how to go through the test. It may take about 2.5-3hrs to complete the it.

Please have a look on this test and We hope it will be a valuable resource to you.


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