MUST READ: Important Information of NEPTA General Election During NEPTACON

NEPTA general election is planned on the second day of the NEPTACON. To be eligible to vote, there must be the valid NEPTA membership . Therefore, its important to have new  membership for those who have never registered and renewal is must for the memberships that are outdated. These will be the legal preconditions to be eligible for the NEPTA voting.

Note that new memberships or renewal of membership can be only made till 18th Nov 2016 which is a day before general election. There wont be the membership/renewal  provisions on 19th Nov which is a day of general election

To Seek further assistance please contact Mr. Suresh Shretha, 9841231174

For those who have a valid membership, kindly bring the evidence of your membership which is either your valid NEPTA issued identity card or  xerox copy of membership certificate.

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