• Guiding documents Pertinent highlights on disability & rehabilitation
    Nepal Health Sector Strategy 2015-2020 Disability adjusted life years (DALY) lost: Communicable, maternal, neonatal & nutritional disorders; non-communicable diseases; and injuries

    ·Physiotherapy as the basic health care package

    Prolapse uterus management


    National Guideline for Reaching the Unreached 2016-2030 ·Establishment of Physiotherapy/Rehabilitation unit in hospitals

    National strategy for 2016

    Birth Defect Surveillance , Prevention & Control Plan 2015-2019 Rehabilitation as an important aspect of the management

    Training to health worker on the early detection of disabilities

    Integration of Birth defect in HMIS

    BirthDefect Surveillance Prevention and Control plan (2)

    National Childhood Disability Management Strategy 2064 BS Rehabilitation as an important aspect of the management

    Training to health worker on the early detection

    ·Strengthening of referral among primary, secondary and tertiary level of care

    National childhood disability management strategy

    Mutisectorial Action Plan for the Prevention and Control of

    Non Communicable Diseases (2014-2020)

    Includes the physical activity as one of the important management intervention.

    NCD Action Plan English (2)

    Implementation guideline for the prevention & cure of prolapse uterus ·Physical therapy as the integral part of prolapse uterus management


    Training manual on the management of prolapse uterus in Nepal ·Kegal exercises , importance  and it’s  dosages


    Nepal Health Sector Strategy Implementation Plan Includes the establishment of PT units in hospital. Also covers the ministry of health plans for human resource, information management and service delivery related to disability management and rehabilitation.

    Has presented the Leprosy Control Division as the focal unit of ministry of health for disability management and rehabilitation


    These documents highlights the needs/plans identified by ministry of health and its division in areas of health related rehabilitation. Its important for physiotherapist to learn about these documents as they guide the provision of physiotherapy service in country. These documents can be utilized during the research and preparation for public service commission exams.




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