Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the process for registration in NEPTA? 

Kindly refer this link , here!

Can Nepalese Physiotherapist add Dr. Prefix ?

As per the current law , rules and regulations of Nepal , Nepalese physiotherapist can not write Dr. Prefix . NEPTA strictly discourage Nepalese physiotherapist to use Dr Prefix until it is fully supported by the law of Nepal.

How do i communicate if i have to inform NEPTA on the malpractices?

NEPTA has a facebook page, anyone wanting to share such information are suggested to inbox us the complain. We assure you to maintain privacy. NEPTA then will pass your complain to  Nepal Health Professional Council which is a authorized government body to regulate the profession

What is the stake of NEPTA of regulating the profession?

NEPTA is a NGO and umbrella organization of physiotherapist in Nepal. The official governing body for the physiotherapy is Nepal Health Professional Council. NEPTA supports NHPC to regulate and govern the profession  but NEPTA  doesn’t have sole authorization to regulate the profession.

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