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    at Dhulikhel Hospital (Dhulikhel, Kavre) on 21st November, and World Trade Centre (Tripureswor, Kathmandu) on 22nd of November, 2014

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    7th International Conference of Nepal Physiotherapy Association (NEPTA) will take place in Kathmandu, Nepal from 18th  to 23rd  November, 2014. This physiotherapy scientific meeting will bring the physiotherapists from all round the world in the land of Himalayas, the land of Lord Buddha and place with numerous historical values. Along with the conference, you will get to enjoy the glory of the beautiful country. This conference will be a General Physiotherapy Conference, where papers from any specialty will be accepted.

    Each part of the conference will have distinguished speakers in the respective fields with in depth clinical and research experience. Platform presentations of the topic will be moderated by these experts themselves.

    Message from WCPT for NEPTACON-2014


    Click here to download the Overall plan for the conference 2014


    Conference Schedule is finally out !!!

    Here is the Lists of conference talks with the topic they are talking on

    How do I register?

    1.  Please complete the online form at here.

      please click here for Online registration

    2. Deposite the appropriate amount for the conference registration in favour of Suresh Kumar Shrestha- Treasurer of NEPTA (see the account details below).
    3. Please save the bank receipt which you will have to present at the time of registration just before the conference starts.

    Accounts Details:

    • In favour of:                Suresh Kumar Shrestha
    • Bank:                            SBI Bank (Nepal)
    • Account number:       1771 5241 4099 14
    • Branch:                        Durbarmarg, Kathmandu, Nepal
    • Swift Code:                  NSBINPKA
    • IFSC:                             sbin0004430

    Call for abstracts:

    The scientific committee of the conference invites for abstract submission for platform and poster presentations. Please note that number of presentations is limited. Abstract submission will be closed early as soon as we reach our requirement. So please submit your abstracts early. Also, indicate during the abstract submission if the submitted application is for poster or platform presentation.

    Submission process:

    All submissions must be emailed to NEPTA, Nepal at neptacon14@hotmail.com with cc to the conference secretariat, Mr. Saurab Sharma at saurabsharma1@gmail.com.

    Platform Presentation:

    Applicants need to present the original research or a review paper using PowerPoint. Total EIGHT minutes will be provided for the presentation. Speaker will be notified about the time two minutes before the time ends. TWO minutes will be allocated for the discussion and questions from the audiences.

    Poster presentations:

    Posters are reports summarizing information using brief written statements and graphic materials, such as graphs, charts, figures and photographs mounted on a poster board, the dimensions of 6 feet X 4 feet   100 cm (height) X 80 cm width. Posters will be on display for one day during the conference time. Presenters will be given FIVE minutes time to present in front of the moderators with TWO minutes of question and answer time. Delegates are free to attend the poster for discussion during the break time.

    Who can present?

    • Clinical Physiotherapists
    • Physiotherapy educators
    • Physiotherapy students (undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral) and interns.
    • Other health professionals (if the title of presentation is related to rehabilitation and is of interest to physiotherapy professions) like Doctors, Nurses, Rehabilitation medicine experts, occupational therapists etc.

    Presentation Categories:

    1. Category A-             Undergraduate students – year 1 – 2
    2. Category B-            Undergraduate students – year 3 & 4 (including interns)
    3. Category C-            Post graduate students and above


    *Prizes will be given to the best presenters by assessment of the presentation under above mentioned categories.

    Abstract Submission guidelines

    Each submission must be via email at neptacon14@hotmail.com with a cc to saurabsharma1@gmail.com made electronically via the NEPTA website. All correspondence will be with the person who submits the abstract. The presenting author does not have to be the first named author listed in the abstract.

    Submissions should include the following:

    a)    Title of abstract.

    b)   Names of presenter and co-authors.

    c)    Contact details of all authors to include: full name, organization/ institution, city and country, email address.

    d)    The completed abstract [maximum 350 words]

    The abstract should be divided into following subheadings:

    • Title that clearly describes the abstract
    • Brief Background
    • Purpose/ Objective of the study
    • Methods
    • Results
    • Conclusion(s) (may include recommendations for future work)
    • Implication(s) of the study
    • Keywords: up to FIVE words
    • Funding
    • Conflict of interests
    • Ethical approval:please mention the Institution review board with ethical clearance number
    • Clinical trial registration– for Clinical trials

    Note: Word count excludes Keywords, funding, conflict of interest, ethical approval and clinical trial registration. Please do not include any references, pictures, tables, and graph in the abstract.

    Also Note that there are no scholarships or grants for both the paper and poster presenters from the conference team. All the presenters will need to pay the registration charge of the conference for confirmation of their paper/ poster presentations. However, presenters may apply for grants to the institute they are affiliated with.


    Download Call for Abstract- NEPTACON 2014

    To find the details about registration charges, please click on the link to download the registration details. Please hurry up, there are limited registration seats.

    Registration charges NEPTACON 2014

    Registration charges NEPTACON 2014

    Highlights of the conference:

    International Speakers from all round the globe (in alphabetical order):

    Click here for brief profile of the speakers, Key speakers profile- compiled

    Dr. Britt Stuge, PT, PhD, Senior researcher, Division for Neuroscience and Musculoskeletal Medicine, Oslo University Hospital, Norway

    Dr. Gillian Webb, PT, PhD Associate Professor, Melbourne University, Australia

    Dr. J Haxby Abbott, PT, PhD, DPT, Research Associate Professor in the Orthopaedic section of the Department of Surgical Sciences, Dunedin School of Medicine, University of Otago, in Dunedin, New Zealand

    Dr. James H McAuley, PhD, Full time Researcher at Neuroscience Research Australia (NeuRA), Sydney, Australia 

    Dr. Jessica Lees, DPT, Melbourne University, Australia 

    Dr. Joshua A Cleland, PT, PhD, Professor, Franklin Pierce University, NH, USA

    Dr. Kavitha Raja, PT, PhD, Principal and Professor, JSS College of Physiotherapy, Mysore, India

    Dr. Tim Austin, Australia

    Dr. Ton A.R. Schreuders, PhD, Hand therapist, Board member of Hand Across the Borders, Netherlands


    Pre-conference Workshop 1a (18th – 19th November, 2014)

    This workshop will cover leadership for physiotherapists. Apart from sound clinical skills, background knowledge and being updated with recent evidences, physiotherapists also require leadership skills. Learn this from the expert herself, Gillian Webb, PT, PhD. Another expert in the field of Leadership, Jessica Less, DPT will co-instructor the workshop.


    Leadership in Physiotherapy Workshop- 18-19th Nov, 2014

    Pre-conference Workshop 1b (18th – 19th November, 2014)

    Workshop on “Theraband” –  This course will include scientific and clinical application in Elastic resistance training, Exercise ball training, Balance and Proprioceptive training and Injury specific rehabilitation. At the end of the course you will receive Internationally recognized certificate and earn 8 credit hours. This course is scheduled on 18- 19th of November, 2014; and will run simultaneously with Leadership workshop. theraband workshop Nepal

    Pre-conference Workshop 2 (20th November, 2014)

    The workshop will cover “Pelvic Girdle Pain- A biopsychosocial Approach”. Workshop will be covered by Britt Stuge, PT, PhD, who is a senior researcher at University of Oslo, Norway. Dr. Stuge has numerous papers on Pelvic Pain especially on women during pregnancy. Please click on the link beside for the details of the workshop. Pre conference Britt Stuge Workshop

    Workshop on Pelvic Girdle Pain- Dr. Britt Stuge


     Post-conference Workshop (23rd November, 2014)

    The workshop will be conducted by Joshua A cleland, PT, PhD himself on Manual therapy of Lumbar Spine. This is the first time Dr. Cleland is conducting any workshops in this part of the world. Please click on the link for the details of the workshop. Josh Cleland Workshop on Lumbopelvic Manual Therapy Workshop on Manual Therapy of Lumbar Spine

    VISA requirements:

    Indian delegates will not require any visa to visit Nepal. Delegates from elsewhere can receive their visas  upon arrival at the immigration office, Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu, Nepal.


    Why attend NEPTACON-2014?

    It is a wonderful platform to attend this scientific meeting in the Land of Himalayas. The highlights of the conference are listed below:

    1. Internationally recognized key speakers who will be presenting in the recent knowledge in their area of expertise.
    2. Chances to interact with these speakers and broaden your knowledge and clinical reasoning.
    3. Opportunity to present your research paper and or review article as platform or poster presentation, which will help you disseminate the information to international audience. These types of presentation will give you professional credibility as well.
    4. Opportunity to attend a separate hands-on workshop on 23rd of November, 2014 on “Manual therapy of Lumbar Spine” from the expert in the field, Prof. Dr. Joshua A cleland, PT, PhD himself. This is the first time Prof. Cleland is conducting any workshop in this part of the world. You have the chance to learn from him and also improve your clinical reasoning skills (Please note that the registration fee does not cover the workshop charges, also the seats are limited).
    5. Other pre-conference workshops:
      1. Workshop on “Leadership for Physiotherapists”- by Jessica Less and Dr. Gillian Webb, PT, PhD,  Melbourne University Australia. This will be wonderful opportunity for physiotherapists and other health professionals to improve their leadership and managerial skills.  This will happen on 18- 19th of November, 2014.
      2. Workshop on “Theraband” by a Silver Level Instructor, Theraband Academy, US. This course will include scientific and clinical application in Elastic resistance training, Exercise ball training, Balance and Proprioceptive training and Injury specific rehabilitation. At the end of the course you will receive internationally recognized certificate and earn 8 credit hours. The course is scheduled on 18- 19th of November, 2014; and will run simultaneously with Leadership workshop.
      3. Workshop on “Pelvic Girdle Pain Management- A Biopsychosocial Approach”. This will be conducted by Dr. Britt Stuge, PT, PhD, who is senior research at University of Oslo, Norway. (20th November, 2014)
    6. Interact with the experts in the area of your interest or specialty from all rounds the world, share knowledge and ideas, clear doubts.
    7. Opportunity to collaborate nationally and internationally with experts in education, clinical practice and research.
    8. Wonderful opportunity to visit this beautiful country at the time of the conference. This is the time when Kathmandu has the best of climatic condition.
    9. Conference organizing committee may help you organize your travel within the country, site seeing, stay and food. Note that conference fee does not cover any of these.


    For Details, contact the conference secretariat, Saurab Sharma.

    Email- saurabsharma1@gmail.com

    phone- +977-9841634043


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