• Management Sciences  for Health and Handicap International Nepal is organizing the World Health Organization based Wheelchair Service Provision Training-Basic Level in Nepal. This is the certified training being conducted in Kathmandu Nepal from 19th to 23rd of June 2017.  It will be a residential training with the provision of free accommodation ,food and land route travel( check in and out days)

    The organizer will be accepting one potential member physiotherapist recommended  by NEPTA. Therefore, NEPTA circulates this announcement requesting the interested candidate to apply for it. Member physiotherapist living out of the Kathmandu valley are strongly encouraged to apply, however selection will be fully competency based. Please follow  following procedures to apply for this announcement.

    NEPTA encourages the applications from interested physiotherapist who meet following criteria,

    1. Diploma in physiotherapy with at least 5 years of experience in wheelchair service provision
    2. Bachelor in physiotherapy with at least 1 years of experience in wheelchair service provision
    3. Master in physiotherapy currently involved on wheelchair service provision
    4. Valid NEPTA membership is mandatory

    Instructions to apply

    • Physiotherapists who meets above criteria  are encouraged to apply
    • Motivation letter explaining how this training is important  and what impact you foresee(after this training) for the wheelchair service provision
    • Send your motivation letter not later than 29th May 2017 to neptacon8nepal@gmail.com
    • Send scan copy of NEPTA membership certificate or NEPTA identify card

    PS: Please contact on this number for the membership assistance  , 9841231174

  • This workshop is designed to enhance the participant’s knowledge and skill level in the evidence-based management of individuals with cervical-thoracic spine and ribcage disorders and dysfunction. This lab intensive course focuses on the clinical reasoning and hands-on skill development necessary to effectivelyintegrate manual physical therapy examination and intervention techniques into the clinical management of
    these individuals.

    This content of this workshop is the part of course in Canada and USA . In Nepal it is being offered in very affordable cost. Kindly book your quota for the course in advance


    Please access the course flyers from here, EIM

  • Handicap International Nepal in collaboration with International society of prosthetics and orthotics(ISPO)  is organizing a Multidisciplinary  four-days training course on management of “Cerebral Palsy” to be held in Kathmandu, Nepal on 7-10 November 2016. The objective of the training is to provide theoretical knowledge (for first two days) and practical hands on workshop (for last two days) on different orthotic and therapeutic techniques in the management of cerebral palsy.

    Have a look on detail side of this training from this link, programme-schedule-_ispo-short-term-course-on-cp-2

    The course has been also endorsed in ISPO website , http://www.ispoint.org/events/ispo-short-course-management-cerebral-palsy

    Handicap International has already invited the potential candidates from service providers working in Cerebral Palsy. But to ensure not to leave behind the potential candidates , HI request NEPTA to select two physiotherapists  for this training.

    This is a free of cost training with the provision of lunch and snacks. There is no travel and per-diem provision to participants

    NEPTA encourages the applications from interested physiotherapist who meet following criteria,

    1. Diploma in physiotherapy with at least 5 years of experience in handling the children with cerebral palsy
    2. Bachelor in physiotherapy with at least 1 years of experience in handing  children with cerebral palsy
    3. Master in physiotherapy currently involved on the rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy
    4. Proven experience  on prescribing the assistive devices for children with cerebral palsy is an added advantage

    Instructions to apply

    • Physiotherapists who meets above criteria  are encouraged to apply
    • Motivation letter explaining how this training is important  and what impact you foresee(after this training) for the children with cerebral palsy in your setting
    • Send your motivation letter not later than 29th October 2016 to neptacon8nepal@gmail.com


  • Association of spine surgeons of Nepal in partnership with national and international like minded organizations is organizing the ISICON 2016 on 6-8 October 2016 at Hotel Hyatt Regency.

    Physiotherapist willing to participate , present a paper  and conducting the workshop are highly encouraged to contact the organizer. As you know management of the spinal injury is multidisciplinary , therefore organizers seek support from all to make it real through the participation and presentation from physiotherapists.

    Conference flyer 


    A3 new poster 15-07-2016

    Registration details

    ISSICON Registration

    Abstract submission 


    Kindly communicate with organizer at issicon2016@gmail.com for any matter related to this conference 

    We encourage physiotherapist having interest on this topic to present and participate on this conference.

  • Camps 18.08.2016 No Comments

    Terai hospital, Simara in joint venture with NEPTA organized the physiotherapy awareness camp on 14th August 2016.  Starting from 7 am to 3 pm, the event delivered services to 637 people directly from 10 qualified physiotherapists.

    NEPTA acknowledge the local organizers for their intitation to promote  physiotherapy in local environs. Also wholehearted thanks to the following  participating physiotherapist from Simara, Kathmandu, Chitwan and Sarlahai.

    Shamed Katila , Suraj bhusal , Jeetendra Gurung , Surendra prajapati  , Binod subarnakar , Shankhar Darnall , Saugat shrestha, Jeetendra Singh , Nawaraj timalsina and Suraj gautam

    Here are some moments captured during the camps

    IMG_3108 IMG_3142 IMG_3149 IMG_3195 IMG_3198 IMG_3200



  • Kathmandu University Hospital Dhulikhel, Kathmandu organizes the workshop in Pulmonary Rehabilitation. As it is the multidisciplinary workshop , Physiotherapists are the important delegates for this event. Kindly access the detail information about it through this link, http://www.dhulikhelhospital.org/index.php/component/k2/item/731-updates-in-respiratory-medicine-workshop-on-pulmonary-rehabilitation

  • Camps 31.03.2016 No Comments

    Kindly access the report of an Outreach Camp Organized by NEPTA in local partnership

    Narrative report on Nepal Physiotherapy Association Camp-PATAN

  • Nepal Physiotherapy Association and Rotary Club Patan is going to organize an outreach camp near to Patan Durbar Square on this Saturday(26-03-2016). NEPTA call physiotherapists for the volunteer support for this program. Outreach events are one of the important means of service delivery and awareness raising in setting like Nepal. Therefore, NEPTA shall definitely award an experience certificate of participation in this event. Kindly access the flyer of this event from here under link,

    Call for volunteers Patan camp- NEPTA website

    Interested candidate are requested to inbox on the NEPTA facebook page with their contact number.


    Issie Shapiro 2015 banner

    Nepal Physiotherapy Association is pleased to inform about the 6th International Conference on Disabilities going to be held in Israel. Please access the detail information about the conference through this link  : http://eng-conf.beitissie.org.il/ 


  • 1. Background

    NEPTA has been organizing physiotherapy camps in different locations. The aims of these events are to improve the awareness of general public and to improve liaison with locally active organizations so that profile of physiotherapy is uplifted. Following the same practice, NEPTA organized the camp on 21st March 2015 in Sunakothi, Lalitpur. Though Sunakothi is within the Kathmandu Valley, it lies on the outskirts of the distirct. Hence, the target of the camp was to reach out to the populations which do not avail to physiotherapy services easily.

    1. Approaches adopted

      2.1 Partnership:

    NEPTA adopted a partnership approach with local Champapur Jaycees Group , Sunakothi, Lalitpur. The local partner was responsible for managing logistics/venue and disseminating the information about the camp into their network.  The Shree Krishna Mandir in Sunakothi provided the venue for the camp.


    2.2 Participation:

    NEPTA requested volunteer contributions from executives, general members and students of Kathmandu University School of Medical Sciences. The names of participating physiotherapists  are:

    Sumana Baidya

    Laxman Adhikhari

    Nripendra Karn

    Subarna Thapa

    Prayoush Neupane

    Ganga Shakya

    Sanjit Khadka

    Samita Maharjan

    Radhika Shresth

    Mukesh Pokhrel

    Lava Mulguthi

    Shreejana Gautam

    Dipendra Thakur

    Anupam Bhattrai

    Soniya Maharjan

    Shree Krishna Shilpakar


    NEPTA appreciates the participation of physiotherapists and their effort to make this camp a grand success. NEPTA also would like to extend its sincere gratitude to Mr.Milan Thapa, program co-ordinator from Champapur Jaycees for their wonderful coordination and support for the camp.


    2.3 Service delivery:

    165 people were benefitted by the camp. Out of total, 71 were male and 94 were female. Mostly the people having the age group 30-82 attended the camp for service. Common problems identified on them were back pain (55), neck pain (10), knee pain (27), wrist pathology (7), calf pain (7) and multiple joint pains (37). There were few cases of nerve related problem (13), dyspnea related problems (6) urinary incontinence (2) and post fracture stiffness (1).



    2.4 Coordination /Supervision:

    NEPTA executive Sumana Baidya coordinated the planning and organization of camp. At the local level, Milan Thapa, Program coordinator, Champapur Jaycees and his team owned the camp.