• 1970’s

    1. Army trained
    2. Leprosy trained
    3. On the job trained by expatriates
    4. Trained in India



    1. 1983 Certificate course Institute of Medicine (IOM), Tribhuvan University
    2. entry after SLC
    3. 2 ½ years
    4. 1983-1990
    5. Approximately 50 graduates



    1. No formal physiotherapy training
    2. HRDC 3 month primary rehab therapy
    3. Some informal on the job training


    2000 onwards

    1. 2002 Certificate course started at Dhulikhel Medical Institute, Kathmandu University
    2. Entry after SLC
    3. 3 years



    1. First meeting of Nepal physios, for CME and discussion



    1. Ongoing efforts to organise a physiotherapy professional group
    2. PRAN, the Professional Rehabilitation Association of Nepal.



    1. Nepal Physiotherapy Association officially formed
    2. Historical Background of NEPTA
    3. Nepal Physiotherapy Association was formed in 2002 A.D



    1. NEPTA joins World Confederation for Physical Therapy
    2. Attends first WCPT congress in Spain
    3. Start of relationship with New Zealand Society of Physiotherapy



    1. Attended WCPT world congress in Canada
    2. 102 member countries represented
    3. AWP meeting, report from Nepal
    4. Met with President of New Zealand Physiotherapy Society
    5. First congress at which NEPTA represented by President



    1. BPT started for the first time in Nepal  by KU
    2. 4.5 yeas course
    3. Problem based learning curriculum


    Activities of NEPTA

    1. NEPTA organizes its national conference every two years.
    2. In 2002 Teaching Hospital (first conference)
    3. 2004 Narayani Hotel, Pulchowk
    4. 2006 Hotel Shanker, lazimpat
    5. 2008 United trade center, Tripureshwor
    6. Most of the Nepalese physiotherapist and many foreign physiotherapist had participated.
    7. NEPTA had received twin program with New Zealand society of physiotherapist in 2004.
    8. NEPTA had received international partners with American physiotherapy Association in 2007.
    9. As a member of WCPT, NEPTA receives information about conferences and events related to physiotherapy throughout the world and share it to NEPTA’s members only.
    10. NEPTA organizes regular Continuous Medical Education (C.M.E) program to upgrade knowledge of physiotherapist working in Nepal.
    11. Executive from NEPTA participated in Global Forum on human resources organized by WHO at Uganda.
    12. NEPTA being main official voice for physiotherapist in Nepal particiapted in workshop organised by Nepal Health Professional Council to discuss various matters related to physiotherapy.
    13. NEPTA celebrated world physiotherapy day in September 8th 2008 for the first time in Nepal with a theme” Movement for Health”
    14. NEPTA have started national survey of physiotherapist. A survey will be conducted to find out the current situation of physiotherapist in Nepal. The proposal for survey has been submitted to National Planning Commission for funding.
    15. NEPTA organized free physiotherapy Camp at Jagati, Bhaktapur in 2007 September 29. there were altogether 86 patients with different problems.


    Scope and Opportunities of Physical therapy Practice in Nepal

    Physiotherapy is practiced in various settings in Nepal which are:

    1. Rehabilitation Settings
    2. Cardiac settings
    3. Neurology settings
    4. Paediatric Settings
    5. Community Based Rehabilitation
    6. Orthopaedic settings
    7. Sports Setting
    8. Group Therapy
    9. Disable Home
    10. Schools


    Physiotherapist Practice

    1. Physiotherapist : Number of Beds
    2. Physiotherapy School
    3. Challenges of Physiotherapy Profession
    4. Understanding and awareness of the benefits of physiotherapy must be promoted amongst the physicians and other health care workers of Nepal. Physicians must be trained in whom to refer to Physiotherapy and when. Understanding and awareness must also be promoted amongst the general population
    5. Recommendation to SAARC Country Physiotherapists
    6. All the SAARC Countries Physiotherapy Association together have meeting to develop standard curriculum, common guidelines for physiotherapy staffing.


    What next?

    1. Growing opportunities for physiotherapy profession
    2. Increasing vacancies for physiotherapists
    3. International popularity of NEPTA conference

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  • Dear Colleagues,

    Please accept the sincere greetings from NEPTA!

    After the successful completion of NEPTACON and formation of new executive board, now we are at the process of prioritizing activities focused on enhancing physiotherapy profession. Soon, we are also going to follow up on agendas that we already raised at the Ministry level. From our past experience, we realized that data on physiotherapist (demography, locations, practice set up, qualifications and employment status) are very much required. Comparison of this data with the population of Nepal is vital to calculate the physiotherapist need as well as the capacity to address the present demand. Realizing the importance of physiotherapist data during the advocacy with government, we created an online system to collect physiotherapist profile through the Facebook and website. But out of many, only 63 have responded and the same result was also shared on NEPTA FB page. From NEPTA, we would like to extend our wholehearted thanks to these 63 respondents. It’s very much important to have complete data that represents all Nepali physiotherapist based at different locations.

    Having the inclusive and reliable data is one of the prior preparatory tasks for igniting the advocacy with government. Let us join our hands together to make it effective. We consider that information dissemination regarding this data collection to your network reflects your solidarity for our better recognition. Kindly go through the below mentioned link to participate in the human resource data collection and also support us by sharing it in your friends and colleagues.

    Accountability is one of the key principles of our actions, that’s why we shall definitely share the data findings and seek your valuable input during the analysis.

    NEPTA is collecting information regarding physios in Nepal and Nepali physios abroad. This will directly help us:

    1. To plan the strategies to proceed forward so that we can ask for an independent council for physiotherapists (everyone should be aware that, more the number of physios, better it is for the formation of council, with small number, all we can do is to wait for years more). 

    2. To inform the members and non-members of NEPTA about the activities and progress NEPTA in various areas.

    3. To inform about conferences, workshops and continuing professional development activities.

    4. To share recent updates in the field of physiotherapy.

    All you need is to give one minute of your precious time in completing this survey to update our database. https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/RCT3KVN

     Please complete the survey and send it to the physios in your network so that we have maximum response. Demographic Survey for Nepali Physios

    Many Thanks


  • This is the official website of the Nepal Physiotherapy Association (NEPTA), which represents over 300 physiotherapists around Nepal and abroad. NEPTA works with governments and educational bodies to try to ensure that a quality physiotherapy service is available when and where you need it.