A Nepalese Physiotherapist Research Endorsed by the Famous Pain Studies Blog

A renowned web-platform on pain research has recently endorsed the study done by Mr . Saurab Sharma who is a physiotherapist and a pain researcher from Nepal and also he is adviser of Nepal Physiotherapy Association.

His study on ,

“Pain-related factors associated with lost work days in nurses with low back pain: A cross-sectional study”  was already published in a high impact journal ,” Scandinavian journal on pain” . Please access the insight of this very informative  research from the link http://www.bodyinmind.org/about-bim/

Also access the abstract from  link, http://www.scandinavianjournalpain.com/article/S1877-8860(15)00127-5/abstract

We congratulate and thanks Mr. Saurab Sharma  for raising the profile of Nepalese physiotherapist both nationally and internationally

NEPTA is proud to see the Nepalese  physiotherapist raising  global competency.

Note: Please share information of your published article in a journal or famous national or international platform. We are ready to disseminate it into our network.

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