A do’s and don’ts guide for rehabilitation professionals

Disaster often  brings  humanitarian crisis on the place where it hits. At such situation , the place may need extra support in human resource , supplies and finance to meet the high demand. At such situation, pro-activeness to visit such sites and support the response activity is always praiseworthy  . But at the same time it very vital to think on our skills and abilities to topup the support demand on the disaster hit zones. Our proactive aims to voluntarily support on those crisis should be useful to place and very importantly its should not harm at all.

Here is the document that  guides rehabilitation professionals to ensure their preparation before they decide to contribute the response that is related to the rehabilitation of the survivors. Even-though this document is intended for international foreign medial team , many aspect of its also applies to the national health professional.

The document was developed by Handicap International with the support of UKAID and with technical review by WCPT, WFOT, ISPO , ISPRM and ISCOS. Kindly access this document from this link






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